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    What Video Games Can Teach Children About Sports

    Sports are a great way to bond with children and it is something that some children enjoy to no end. Video games are the same as it can allow you to bond with your child much like sports. Combining both of these can be a great place for your child to learn about the sports they are playing games of as well as learn some life skills that go beyond video games.

    Learning How To Lose

    There are going to be times when a person loses in their lives, video games especially competitive ones like sports games might be one of the first times that they lose. It is important to teach them how to react as throwing the controller and having a tantrum is not the way to lose a game. Even professional athletes sometimes have a hard time in defeat with Cam Newton walking out of the Super Bowl press conference. Being a gracious winner is just as important as learning to lose with grace. Although video games might not be able to capture the emotion that is associated with some sporting events, this can be a great place to start when teaching your child.


    There are just some kids who are going to have to learn the strategy of a sport for themselves as no matter what you tell them, they are going to do what they think. Video games against peers can help your child learn a game whether it is rules or a strategy. For example, in basketball many children do not understand the concept of going 2 for 1 at the end of a quarter with a shot clock or holding the ball for the last shot. If their opponents do this enough and continue to beat them, they will adopt this strategy   the game and in real life. Football is another great video game to play as it can teach a child about defenses and positioning in these defenses.

    Learn To Talk a Bit of Trash

    Friendly banter is a part of sports that some people do not respond well to. There is a difference between aggressive attacking language and just fun trash talk. There are even professional athletes who do not respond well to trash talk and can even be penalized because of this. The best way to teach a child to be able to trash talk and tolerate it is to immerse them in this. No humans on earth talk more trash than those playing Xbox Live on a daily basis. This will allow your child to sharpen their trash talking skills while teaching them to control their temper if somebody says something they do not like.
    As you can see there are plenty of things that video games can teach children about sports and life. There are plenty of websites to downloadfree games for your child to play. Make sure you guide them through the game to teach them how to play a sports game correctly. Do not underestimate the positive impacts that video games have on your children.

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