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    Resident Evil 3 demo and Project Resistance beta hit Steam real soon

    If you’re eager for an early taste of Capcom’s latest word in horror games, you don’t have much longer to wait. Both the single-player and multiplayer segments of the Resident Evil 3 remake are scheduled for a trial this month – so here’s when to expect both the Project Resistance open beta and the Resident Evil 3 demo to launch.

    The Resident Evil 3 remake demo hits Steam on March 19. Capcom says this slice of the game will be a little more action-focused than last year’s Resident Evil 2 demo – though you’ll still need to practice ammo and item conservation to make it through to the end. The demo will put you in the shoes of Jill Valentine during her escape from Raccoon City, which could put it at just about any point during the main game.
    The Project Resistance open beta will launch one week later, on March 27. Capcom has not detailed what to expect from the beta, but it will let you take on the role of one of four survivors attempting to escape a mad science experiment, or the mastermind controlling all the traps and monsters coming after those survivors.

    Also, the trailer reveals the return of bobbleheads. They’ll probably be collectibles once again.

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