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    What is addictive game?

    Hello, fans, followers and friends! Recently there has been some talk in the news about the casual gaming industry. Whether it's this announcement or other announcements about upcoming new game streaming services, rumors of shutting down other favorite flash game sites or the inevitable fate of Flash is finally revealed. There are many movements going on in the casual game world right now. So you can also add this message to the heap: We are updating with all new games on Thursday again. As of May 24, 2019, we are starting to update again, every Wednesday at midnight - or Thursday for you. Longtime fans may notice that our Facebook has been restored after years of hibernation, our Twitter is tweeting again and there are some slow new games released periodically. weirdo. We also moved to a fairly luxurious new office in sunny Santa Monica. These are the first steps on our new journey and much more to come!


    Now you can expect new Games every Thursday like in the good old days but not like these games won't be created in Flash. Going forward, our focus will be on providing elegant yet addictive types of action games and puzzles that you miss us but are created with HTML5. This means new games will be available for mobile devices and you can play them on our website from your phone! Seriously, go ahead and try some new games now. Focusing on exciting new HTML5 content, we have moved our most classic Flash games like The Impossible Quiz, Bubble Spinner, Kitten Cannon and Age of War into HTML5 so you can play them on any Any device whenever you want. You can find these in our newly installed instant games section, check it out! Aside from our new Puzzle, Action, and Instant Games, we have also brought the world of iogames into play. We are publishing tons of new iogames all the time. If you don't know what iogame is, see our blog feature What is Iogames? Like our new HTML5 games, iogames is not dependent on Flash and you'll be able to play them online with friends and strangers around the world after Flash is just a precious memory.


    The truth is we have really focused on iogames, everything from classics like slither.io to our games like strategy.io and Little Big Snake. Oh, and talk about Little big Snake: You should download it in the Apple ios and Google Play stores. Right. Download it. Little Big Snake is the first mobile game we released and we think this is the best version of the slither style game available out there. Little Big Snake has different quests, upgrades, side quests, customization options and some of the best artwork you'll find in any iogame. That's what we are really proud of and excited to show because all the hard work went into it.



    So it is: Addictive games are published every Thursday again. We already have old mobile versions of games that we know you love, the new HTML5 games you haven't played, the best online io games and Little Big Snake available in app store! We will also use this blog section to bring out the latest news on what we plan to do and these are great interviews with game developers, tutorials, top ten lists and interesting articles about the history of Flash, various game mechanics, and other cool stuff.

    If you like what you just read, share it with your friends, see us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest information. And, if you are a game developer, we want to hear from you!

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